Paybit gives you everything you need

Money business was never eaiser

Available currencies

We support every crypto currency possible. From BTC to ETH, from EON to NEO. Currencys are converted automaticly.

Transfer in seconds

Payments can't get better. Pay anyone with just one simple click. Everything is done in lightspeed.

Mighty Protection

You dont need to worry. With our PayBit Buyer Protection. you have not to worry about any problems.

Easy to use

PayBit is simple. You can pay with just a bit. After signup, a short verification is needed. After that you can start paying and selling.

24/7 Support

Our large staff is always there when needed. No matter how big or small your problem is we will do our best to solve everything.

Organized payments

With our simple but yet mighty Dashboard organizing payments has reached a new level Everything needed for both business and normal clients

Payment in a few clicks

Millions of customers around the world use us for one simple reason: it’s simple. Just an email address and password will get you through to checkout before you can reach for your wallet.

Pay on Websites | Pay multiple Clients/Customers

We got you covered.

Shop with peace of mind, knowing we protect your eligible purchases. If an eligible item doesn’t show up, or turns out to be different than described, we’ll help sort things out with the seller. Conditions apply.

More about PayBit Buyer Protection

Send money online or with your mobile.

Send money to almost anyone with an email address. You can send all around the world and they'll be delighted to get your message. Currency conversion fees may apply.

Shop around the world.

With PayBit you can shop at thousands of stores around the world in just a few easy clicks, knowing your card details are never shared with the seller. Currency conversion fees may apply.

Start Shopping

Financial operations in a few clicks

Send multiple payments

Payments can not get simpler! You can pay multiply clients, affiliates or customers at once with one simple click.

Tap into all your money.

Use our mobile tools and panels to have always a overview of your business and money.

Multiple developers APIs

We have solutions for a big variety of ecommerce systems and many developer APIs for each possible solution.

You are secured

We offer a Buyer and Seller Protection system. Payments can be refund up to 180 days, based on what is sold. Nobody needs to worry to get problems, read our Buyer and Protection details for more information.

Your money is on its way in a few clicks.